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091FL RF Quick Guide Programming

1. Setting Time

To set the day, press D until the present day is shown. For example: 1=Monday 7=Sunday. This number
is displayed at the top of the LCD display
To set the hour, press H until you reach the correct hour
To set the Minutes, press M until you reach the current time

2. Standard Thermostat

For ease of use the 091FL comes factory set. The factory setting can be used with no adjustment to the
thermostat after the time has been set. The highest Temperature (SUN) is 19 Deg. C and the lowest
Temperature (Moon) is 15 Deg. C. The thermostat will work on the high temperature between 6am and
11pm and the low temperature between 11pm and 6am. Switching between the high and low
temperature is simple and is explained in section 3

3. Manual Override

The easiest way to override the thermostat is to press either the SUN or the MOON button to the
reverse the program. For example if you feel it is too hot then press the MOON button on the front of
the thermostat this will temporarily change the program so that the thermostat will follow the lowest
temp even though it is in the high temperature part of the program. This works the same for pressing
the SUN button in the low temperature part of the program. You can determine what part of the
program you are in by the symbol displayed on the LCD. For example: SUN/MOON. If the thermostat is
in override a small hand will be displayed in the bottom right of the display. Press OK to cancel any
override. Additionally you can use the MOON button if you exit the property during a high temperature
period, however remember to check the thermostat on entry and adjust accordingly

4. Changing Standard Temperatures

If you find that the factory set temperatures are not suited to your lifestyle they can be simply changed.
The highest temp is displayed by the SUN symbol and the lowest temperature is displayed by the MOON
symbol. Once these High and Low temperatures have been selected the thermostat will follow the
profile of Program 1 (default).
To set the comfort temperature press the TEMP button, the displayed temperature will flash
Then press the SUN button to adjust the Highest temperature
Press the MOON button to adjust the Lowest temperatures
Press OK to Finish
Note these temperatures can be changed at any time
For more information about changing the factory default settings please refer to the back of this guide
Technical Help Tel: 01226 323961 or Email:

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