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Енглески Језик
упутство за употребуCateye Fit CC-PD100W
Measure wheel circumference (L) of your bike
To get the most accurate
calibration do a wheel roll out.
With the valve stem perpen-
dicular to the ground, mark
the pavement at the valve
stem. With the riders weight
on the bike, roll the wheel one tire revolution
in a straight line and mark the ground when
the valve stem is perpendicular to the ground
again. Measure the distance in millimeters. This
is the most accurate wheel calibration number.
Before using the computer, please thoroughly read this manual and keep it for future
Our website shows how to install and set up the unit on your bicycle, in an understandable way
using a movie (
Installation conditions
The back of the com-
puter must face the
speed sensor.
Removing the insulation sheet
Remove the battery case cover, and hold
the battery holder tab to pull out the battery.
The battery holder is lifted when either tab
is pulled up. Remove the insulation sheet
under the battery.
If the battery is detached, insert it cor-*
rectly. (
Replacing the battery)
Insert the battery holder with the *
toward the front side of the computer.
Press the AC button while press-
ing and holding the MENU button
(formatting operation)
Check that the
whole screen illu-
mination is turned
on for 5 seconds.
Press and hold the * MENU button for 3
seconds after you release the AC button.
Select the measurement unit
(Speed, Stride, and Weight)
When the
MODE button is
pressed, KM. CM. KG
will ash alternatively for
With the desired measurement unit dis-2.
played, press the MENU button.
Set the date
When the 1. MODE button
is pressed, YY/MM/DD
(Year, Month, Day) will
flash in different order
for selection.
When the
MODE button is
pressed and held, the item to set will appear
for selection, and “11” (Year) will fl ash.
Press the 3. MODE button to increase the
ashing value, whereas press and hold it
to switch the item to set. Set “Month” and
“Day” in the same procedure.
Press the
4. MENU button to proceed to “Set
the clock”.
When it fails to set the date, “* ERROR” will appear.
Set the clock
Set the display format of
12H” or 24H”, and the
values for “Hour and
“Minute” in the same
procedure as Step 4.
Press the MENU button
to proceed to “Enter the
tire circumference”.
For the display format of * 12H”, select
AM” (morning) or “PM” (afternoon).
Enter the tire circumference
Enter the tire circumference of your
bicycle (distance per turn) in mm.
Tire circumference reference table)
Press the
1. MODE but-
ton to adjust the value,
and press and hold it to
move to the next digit.
Enter the value for “ones
place digit” through “thousands place digit”
in the same procedure.
Press the 2. MENU button to proceed to “Enter
the weight”.
When any invalid value is entered, *
ERROR” will appear.
Enter the weight
Enter your weight in the
unit you selected in Step
3 (KG or LB).
Set the value in the same
procedure as Step 6.
Press the MENU button to proceed to
“Enter the stride”.
Enter the stride
Enter your stride in the
unit you selected (CM
or INCH). (
How to
measure the stride)
Set the value in the
same procedure as Step 6.
Press the MENU button to confi rm the setting.
Now, preparing the computer is completed.
5 mm5 mm
Nylon ties (x2)
Sensor zone
Speed sensor
Speed sensor
Sensor zone
70 cm
Nylon ties
To the sensor zone
When attaching the bracket to the handlebar
Install the bracket and computer
Package contents
Remove/install the computer
Install the speed sensor Install the magnet
For receiving sensitivity reasons, attach the bracket so that the back of the computer faces the speed sensor.*
Use the applicable optional parts when attaching to an aero-shaped handlebar or a large stem.*
While supporting it by hand,
push it out as if lifting the
front up.
Install it fi rmly in place
until it clicks.
Round off the cut edge
of the bracket band to
prevent injury.
ETRTO Tire size
L (mm)
47-203 12x1.75 935
54-203 12x1.95 940
40-254 14x1.50 1020
47-254 14x1.75 1055
40-305 16x1.50 1185
47-305 16x1.75 1195
54-305 16x2.00 1245
28-349 16x1-1/8 1290
37-349 16x1-3/8 1300
32-369 17x1-1/4 (369) 1340
40-355 18x1.50 1340
47-355 18x1.75 1350
32-406 20x1.25 1450
35-406 20x1.35 1460
40-406 20x1.50 1490
47-406 20x1.75 1515
50-406 20x1.95 1565
28-451 20x1-1/8 1545
37-451 20x1-3/8 1615
37-501 22x1-3/8 1770
40-501 22x1-1/2 1785
47-507 24x1.75 1890
50-507 24x2.00 1925
54-507 24x2.125 1965
25-520 24x1(520) 1753
24x3/4 Tubuler 1785
28-540 24x1-1/8 1795
32-540 24x1-1/4 1905
25-559 26x1(559) 1913
32-559 26x1.25 1950
37-559 26x1.40 2005
40-559 26x1.50 2010
47-559 26x1.75 2023
50-559 26x1.95 2050
54-559 26x2.10 2068

Preparing the computer

Element names

How to install the unit on your bicycle

Speed sensor
Sensor rubber pad
Bracket rubber pad
Bracket rubber pad
Bracket band
Bracket band Handlebar
Right front fork
Display format
Clock display
Bracket band
Speed sensor
Bracket rubber pad Sensor rubber pad
Dot section
The clearance between the speed sensor
and magnet is 5 mm or less.
After installing the speed sensor, check that the speed is displayed on the computer by turn-
ing the front wheel with the computer installed to the bracket. If not displayed, review the
installation conditions, and check the positions of the speed sensor and magnet.
The computer in the bike mode measures speed only when installed on the bracket.
This unit can be used for measuring speed and distance while installed on your bicycle, and also used
as a pedometer for measuring calorie consumption and number of steps in everyday life while carried
with you all the time. First of all, go through “Preparing the computer” and “How to install the unit on
your bicycle”.
Tire circumference reference table
Generally, the tire size is indicated on the *
side of the tire.
ETRTO Tire size
L (mm)
57-559 26x2.125 2070
58-559 26x2.35 2083
75-559 26x3.00 2170
28-590 26x1-1/8 1970
37-590 26x1-3/8 2068
37-584 26x1-1/2 2100
650C Tubuler
20-571 650x20C 1938
23-571 650x23C 1944
40-590 650x38A 2125
40-584 650x38B 2105
25-630 27x1(630) 2145
28-630 27x1-1/8 2155
32-630 27x1-1/4 2161
37-630 27x1-3/8 2169
18-622 700x18C 2070
19-622 700x19C 2080
20-622 700x20C 2086
23-622 700x23C 2096
25-622 700x25C 2105
28-622 700x28C 2136
30-622 700x30C 2146
32-622 700x32C 2155
700C Tubuler 2130
35-622 700x35C 2168
38-622 700x38C 2180
40-622 700x40C 2200
42-622 700x42C 2224
44-622 700x44C 2235
45-622 700x45C 2242
47-622 700x47C 2268
54-622 29x2.1 2288
60-622 29x2.3 2326
L mm
When attaching the bracket to the stem
Install the speed sensor and magnet
How to measure the stride
The stride means the distance between
adjacent tiptoes of your footprint. Mark at
your tiptoe in the start point and the point
after you make 10 steps, and then measure
the distance between them.
The stride becomes larger as you walk faster. *
For measurement, walk at a normal speed.
An average stride is determined by dividing the
walking distance by 10 (number of steps).
Walking distance
10 (Number of steps) = Stride
Installation conditions
The distance from the speed sensor to the
computer must be less than 70 cm.
The magnet must pass through the sensor
zone of the speed sensor.
When the computer
is mounted on the
Battery holder
Insulation sheet
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two condi-
tions:(1)This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interfer-
ence received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
Modifi cations The FCC requires the user to be notifi ed that any changes or modifi cations made to this device
that are not expressly approved by CatEye Co., Ltd. May void the user ’s authority to operate the equipment.
Perform the formatting operation according to the following procedure when you use the unit for the fi rst time or restore the unit to the setting at the time of factory shipment.



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