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British Telecom Paragon 550
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упутство за употребуBritish Telecom Paragon 550

2 Navigating the menus

Your BT Paragon 550 has an easy menu system through which you can access many of your
phone’s features and settings.
1. Press Menu to open the main menu, or press a feature button to open a specic menu,
for the phonebook, for text messaging, for BT services.
2. Press
or to scroll to the option you want and press OK, or press Back to return to
the previous level.
To exit a menu or the phonebook, either press
to return to standby or press Back until
the standby screen appears.

3 Making and receiving calls

Lift the handset and dial the telephone number. To end the call, replace the handset.
1. Enter the number rst. If you make a mistake, press Clear. Lift the handset to dial.
1. Press . The icon is displayed and you can hear the dial tone. Dial the number.
2. Press
to end the call.
1. Plug your headset into the headset socket marked on the underside of the base.
2. Press the
button to answer a call, get a dial tone and end your call. The
button will ash green to indicate the headset is in use.
1. During a call via the headset, lift the handset. The call is switched to the handset.
2. Press to switch the call between the headset and the handset.
3. Replace the handset or press
to end the call .
1. During a call, press
or to increase or decrease the call volume.

1 Getting started

Place your BT Paragon 550 close enough to a mains power and telephone socket so that
the cables will reach.
1. Attach the desk mounting plinth.
2. Connect the longest straight end of the
curly handset cord into the socket marked
on the underside of the base. Connect
the other end of the cord to the handset.
3. Plug the mains power adaptor (item code
039954) into the power socket marked
on the base. Plug the other end into the
wall socket and switch the power on.
The display lights up.
4. Plug the telephone line cord into the line
socket marked
on the base and plug
the other end into the wall socket.
5. Press the power adaptor and telephone
line cables into the channels on the desk
plinth so that the phone can sit at (see
illustration above).
When you listen to your messages or memos, the date and time of the recording is announced,
so before you receive your rst message or memo you need to set the correct date and time.
1. Press Menu to open the main menu, scroll
to Settings and press OK.
2. Date/Time is highlighted. Press OK, then press
or to switch between 12 or 24-hour
clock format. Please note: if 12-hour clock is selected you will still need to enter the time
in 24-hour format.
3. If required, press
and enter the time. Then, if required, press and enter the date
using the format DD/MM/YY. Then press Save to conrm.
Your Paragon 550 is now ready for use.
Speed dial
Dial mode
Auto Prex
(PBX access)
Default reset
3 4


This Quick Start Guide provides all the information

you need to get your product up and running.

Please fully unfold this guide and follow the numbered

steps below. If you need more detailed instructions,

a full user guide is available to download in PDF format


We haven’t printed a full user guide as we’re working to make our
products greener, so please consider the environment before printing.
If you cannot nd the answer to your problem in the full online
user guide, then please call the Helpline on 0800 218 2182
Show details
Save entry
Delete entry
Delete all
Appointment 1-5
Mon to Fri/

4 Special features

Your BT Paragon 550 has some special features, these include: a 100 entry phonebook,
a digital answering machine, text messaging and a calls list.
You can store up to 100 of your most frequently used names and numbers in the
phonebook to make dialling quick and easy.
1. Press
, then Options. Display shows New Entry. Press OK.
2. Use the keypad to enter the name. You may need to press the same button a few times
until the letter you want is displayed. For example, press 2 once for A ,or twice for B. If
you make a mistake, press Clear.
3. Scroll
to enter the phone number, then press Save.
4. To add another entry, press Options or press Back to return to standby.
1. Press
. Entries are displayed alphabetically.
2. Scroll
or to the entry you want to dial. Alternatively, enter the rst letter of the
name you want, eg. for Emma, press twice to display names beginning with E, then
if necessary scroll or to narrow the search.
3. Lift the handset or press
to dial the number.
Play messages
Delete messages
Answer On/ Off
Record memo
Outgoing message
Answer Settings
* Calls made from within the UK mainland network are free.
Mobile and International call costs may vary.
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British Telecom
Paragon 550 | 032115
5016351632468, 5016351817049, 5051964417590, 5051395461414, 5053676925523, 5051395420978
Енглески Језик
Упутство за коришћење (PDF)
Funkcije za upravljanje
Alarm Da
Kontrola jačine zvukaDigitalno
Funkcije telefona
Noćni mod
VIP grupa funkcija
Podrška više baza
Mute mikrofonaDa
Polifonska melodijaDa
Kapacitet imenika100 ulazi
Kapacitet skladištenja SMS poruka25
Telefonska centrala
Mogućnost konferencijskog razgovora
Ponovni pozivDa
Brzo biranjeDa
Vreme snimanja16 min
Integrisana sekretaricaDa
Broj redova teksta na ekranu4 linije
Portovi i interfejsi
Bežično povezivanje
Boja proizvodaBelo
Težina i dimenzije
Težina902 g
Ostale karakteristike
Dimenzije pakovanja 110 x 180 x 185 mm
Mac kompatibilnost
Može se montirati na zid
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